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Rangoli: Golu Contest 2010
Created by Shenu on 2010-10-20,

Hi Friends.. here am uploading our Golu photo... we have set up Lord Shiva temple which is made up of Thermacoal... please vote for me..
Thank You.

Rangoli: Navrathri Golu 2010
Created by umakumar on 2010-10-19,

Bommai Golu in October 2010 at my home in Chembur Mumbai

Rangoli: Golu
Created by premaragu on 2010-10-19,

Here is a picture of our Navrathri golu, for this year. I'm not able to show some of my creations due to lack of time.

Rangoli: Navaratri Golu Competition 2010
Created by Janakannan on 2010-10-19,

My Golu consists of a main golu and a theme Golu. My main Golu is made of 7+5+1 padis; 7 steps in the front, 5 to the side and 1 that connects both. Theme Golu is based on mythological stories and Indian traditions and I change this every year. This year I chose Ramayan. This picture here is the main Golu.

Rangoli: Golu Ireland 2010
Created by meenaranjani on 2010-10-19,

Golu steps contains
1. Dasavatharam
2. Astalakshmi
3. Karthigai pengal
4. Krishna collections
5. Marapachi doll with chettiyar dolls
6. Ross of Tralee competition of Ireland - This year the winner is "Claire Kambamettu" - an Indian origin is selected as Ross of Tralee for the first time.
7. Muruga with Valli and Devaanai
and much more


Auspicious Kolam collections - Mahalakshmi kolam, Hridhayakamalam, Paadakamalam, Aishwarya kolam, Hanuman kolam, Vishnu vilakku, Kubera kolam, Thulasi maadam, a small piece of art by my 6 year old daughter. My daughter colored all these Kolams.


SundaraKandam - theme for the park.

Hope u all like it

Rangoli: golu2010
Created by vidhya773 on 2010-10-19,

Uploading the photo -1 of the golu i kept at my home in dubai.

Rangoli: navrathri golu 2010
Created by aditya on 2010-10-19,

i am submitting 2 photographs of the golu arranged in my place. Note that the dasavatharam and ram darbar dolls are 50 years old and have been passed on to me by my mom.

Rangoli: Golu Competition 2010
Created by Saranya Vijay on 2010-10-19,

We have depicted 3 Themes in our GOLU :

Mushika Vahana Slokam is the one of the most common Slokams that everyone ones & we have explained the Slokam with a Story & the Moral.
One Slokam-Story-Meaning & Moral.

We have depicted the festivals celebrated during these 2 periods of the year starting from Pongal ,Karadaiyan Nombu,Varusha Pirappu,Varalakshmi Viratham,Avani Avittam,Krishna Jayanthi,Vinayagar Chaturthi,Saraswathi pooja/Vijayadashami,Deepavali & Karthigai.

Kailash & Vaikundam Dharshan

We also have a Kolam of Godess Saraswathi & Doll of Godess Lakshmi( made at home-stitched by me & my mother,we bought the face from shop).

Rangoli: Navrathri Contest - 2010
Created by jasree on 2010-10-19,

Hai Friends…

I made my golu with 9steps. The detail from the bottom to top as follows
Step – 1: Full of vegetables & Fruits made out of wax
Step – 2: Chettiar & Chettiar amma with Rice, grains, salt, tamarind, weighing scale, gall petty, their house nearby and other goddess like Natarajar, Annapurani. Panjamuga Anjaneyar & different types of pillaiyar
Step – 3: Ranganathar with parkadal set, Musical pillaiyar, hibiscus pillaiyar & arasa ilai pillaiyar & Geja Lakshmi
Step – 4: Ramar Pattabishekam, Sai Baba, Nithya Kalyana Perumal, Pambatti with snake & Kuravan
Step – 5: Dasavathar set with Namam, Sangu & Chakkaram
Step – 6: Durga, Lashmi, Sarawathi, Karumari & Vedavathi
Step – 7: Perumal with Tahyar & both the sides Andal & Meenakshi & Kalasam
Step – 8: Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Murugan & Swaminatha Swamy
Step – 9: Lord Krishna. Pillaiyar, Annamalaiyar & Ummamaliamman.

Hope u all enjoy may golu. Exp your valuable comments

Rangoli: Our Navarathri golu
Created by manisang on 2010-10-19,

We had a great Navarathri celebration this year. Hightlight of this year's pooja was the Lalitha Sahasranama Pooja done by Shringeri mutt.
We do a different theme in our golu every year. We had built a small Indian village this year. Kids had a wonderful time making all the huts and houses. We had hatched roof and brick houses built.sowed seeds around for fields in the village. We made a small well, bullock cart, temple etc.I was so happy that I was practically able to show and tell the kids on how simple life in a village would be.
I am happy that Navarathri is well done by all Indians here and it is exposing our kids to the rich Indian culture.

Sangeetha Subramanyam