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  • Butterflies and flowers
  • Roses and Parrots
  • Butterflies
  • Butterfly & Flower
  • Free hand Rangoli
  • Carpet of Butterflies
  • Welcoming Margazhi!
  • Birds and butterflies
  • Border - butterflies
  • Butterflies
Rangoli: Butterflies and flowers
Created by Vidhya Rabindar on 2009-01-13,

This is a dotted kolam. 11-1 straight dots. colour the flowers and butterflies and have a colourful year ahead

Rangoli: Roses and Parrots
Created by r_vidhyain on 2009-01-13,

6 Roses with 6 parrots. Each facing their favorite flowers; Dots: 15-8 oodupulli

Rangoli: Butterflies
Created by r_vidhyain on 2009-01-13,

8 butterflies are surrounded for a single flower; Dots: 15-8 oodupulli

Rangoli: Butterfly & Flower
Created by chandral on 2009-01-11,

This is a kolam of butterfly & rose, dots 21 x 21.

Rangoli: Free hand Rangoli
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-01-11,

This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house. In this rangoli there are 1otuses, butterflies, leaves etc...

Rangoli: Carpet of Butterflies
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-01-09,

This is a doted rangoli. Dots for this rangoli is 24x24, drawn in front of my house.

Rangoli: Welcoming Margazhi!
Created by M. Kanchana on 2009-01-07,

I welcome margazhi...
It is not a dot kolam, I used kolam powder, little rice flour, colours & chamandhi ithalgal...

Rangoli: Birds and butterflies
Created by vainraja on 2008-12-07,

It was designed during the PONGAL FESTIVAL.

Rangoli: Border - butterflies
Created by k.ANANTHALAKSHMI on 2008-09-26,
This rangoli was published on 2008-09-26.
Rangoli: Butterflies
This rangoli was published on 2008-09-19.