Rangoli: India Rangoli
Created by hemachitra_k on 2006-10-28,

I got this from a very very old edition of Kumudham.. maybe 10-12 yrs ago edition i guess... I drew it when i was in college 9 yrs ago in 1997.. :-)... I liked it too when i saw it the first time in Kumudham and then i customized it a little bit...

About the dot counts, its quite difficult to write it down.. it kind of varies for every line... it would be easier to just look at the diagram and count it whenever needed, if someone is trying to draw it themselves...

Veena and Lotus kolam
Created by Visitor on 2006-06-27,

This musical instruments kolam was done by Mrs.Geethamirtham's daughter during the season of Marghazhi. (In south India, Tamilnadu, the winter months called Margazhi begin around mid-December and last until mid-January).

rangoli for weddings
Created by kalaiarasi on 2006-03-02,

A rangoli of a beautiful pair of blue-green peacocks in full plumage is surely a feast for eyes!
This image of a pair-of-peacocks rangoli was sent by Kalaiarasi Kandasamy from Seremban, Malaysia. It was drawn especially for her wedding reception last year (in 2005).

Rangoli: Lord Ganesh with modaka
Created by admin on 2005-10-11,
This rangoli was published on 2005-10-11.
Rangoli: pillaiyar
Created by Visitor on 2005-10-11,
This rangoli was published on 2005-10-11.