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Rangoli: quilling envelops (q.kolam)
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-11-30,

These are all the envelops i had done with quilling.

Rangoli: Quilling
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-11-06,

This is another q. kolam. This time i had done it on a plate and decorated with 3d outliner.

Rangoli: quilling kolam
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-11-03,

I used to do embroidary and we call it embroidary kolam.(E.kolam)
Now i have done this by quilling. Tell me what name can be called this kolam?

Rangoli: happy diwali
Created by viji_j86 on 2010-10-31,

Friends,(pachaipudavai chingucha and neelkamal and for other all ikolam friends)
Happy diwali.

Rangoli: Quilled kolam
Created by sjnt on 2010-07-05,

After seeing the quilled rangoli, I remembered my old quilled kolam saved somewhere in the PC. Thoosu thatti eduthen. I didn't have the patience to edit and submit only the kolam part.Its kind of not visible fully due to the camera angle.

Rangoli: Quilled flower
Created by suganthimohan on 2010-07-05,

Not a kolam , A beautiful quilled flower!

Rangoli: quilled kolam
Created by suganthimohan on 2010-06-21,

Our kolams all have the potential to be quilled
Hope you like my quilled one.

Rangoli: quilled kolam
Created by suganthimohan on 2010-06-18,

I love to make kolam with all mediums, I love to quill too . I have quilled this design from a kolam pattern.

Rangoli: Quilling
Created by admin on 2010-04-21,

The cow, flamingo, girl and the butterfly were all done last year by Surya and Diya. Since it was all done last year, they couldn't remember whose butterfly this one is. And, they had already lost the quilling tool. I have no clue regarding these things. Smile
Mrs.Jayanthi's quilling lessons reminded me of having seen these little critters somewhere in my kids' rooms, and so thought of sharing it here, before these get lost too. Smile

Rangoli: Quilling card
Created by ankita seth on 2010-03-10,

This was the recent one... i made these paper roses by quilling ...gifted it to my husband on holi Smile