Hrudhaya kamalam

Hridaya Kalamalam Kolam

I am attached how to draw Hridaya Kalamalam Kolam for all my friends in Ikolam. Hope you all will like the same.

Hridaya Kamalam

Kolam at our puja stool for the New Year's Eve.

Pooja kolam

This was put in the pooja room and coloured using turmeric and kumkum.

Navrathri golu contest

Lata, This year I was in chennai to celebrate Navrathri celebration with my sister inlaw. In their house they keep Golu for so many years. The dolls are more than 50 years old.I am sending the Golu picture for the contest, since my contribution is there in putting the Hrudhaya kamalam kolam with wet maavu and flower petals and the decorations with lamps.

small kolam designs

These are three kolam designs drawn in PC. I am using the MS paint.

Laxmi Hrudaya Kamala

This Ranjoli is a religious Ranjoli. This is referred as Goddess Laxmi's Hrudaya Kamala. Draw this Ranjoli in a plate and Worshiping daily by keeping it in front of our home gods in Pooja room has a belief that, we are directly worshipping Goddess Laxmi's Heart. This brings all wealth, health and prosperity to the home.

hridaya kamalam kolam

Hridaya kamalam kolam we put in puja room. it is one pulli in middle. the on all four sides u put five pilli each and in between two sides put one more row 5 pulli. so there will be eight 5 pulli each on all sides. then starting from 1st pulli near the centre 3rd pulli in the next row 5th pulli in the next then 2nd pulli and 4th in the next row to 1st in the next like that the kolam continues.

Varalakshmi pooja kolam

a maa kolam before keeping the kalasam on varalakshmi pooja day

Hrudhayakamalam rangoli

This is a Hrudhayakamalam rangoli this rangoli was drawn in front of thulasi brindhavanm on friday.

Hrudhaya Kamalam

Our dear friend Visalakshi, had sent a beautiful Hrudhaya kamalam kolam. An improved version of this kolam can be put with more dots. From the center dot, put 5 dots in a straight line on the 8 sides. Then, start connecting the dots from 1 line to the next line with a curved line in the order of 1,3,5,2,4,1.
This Hrudhaya kamalam is a sacred one called LAXKSMINIVAS, hence should be put in pooja room only and nobody should step on it.

With 4 dots on each side, we can draw different design by connecting 1,2,3,4 or 1,3,2,4.

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