Tulsi Poojan-2012

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Here is a snap of our simple tulsi pooja this year.... Smile

Tulsi kolam

A sikku kolam done in front of tulsi brundavan at my mom's place.

Dipavali Rangoli

Rangoli Done before puja on Diwali Evening.

tulasi bRndAvana

SrIpAdarAya, perhaps the founder of the karNATaka system of music, composed a song bhUshaNake bhUshaNa. In it he mentions aalayake bhUshaNa tulasi bRndAvana (tulasi bRMdAvana is the ornament for a temple). You may hear this song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV_LaxgK-qM .

A dotted rangOli for tulasi bRndAvana

Here is a dotted rangOli for tulasi bRndAvana. The central pattern is the brRndAvana and the outer design is the rangOli for it. I will discuss more about this and others of this class in great detail in my blog at a later time. This is a part of my ongoing research on the sOna patterns. Anybody willing to reproduce it? Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

tulasi Madam

Got inspired by the book uploaded by JKM sir, I tried this today.

tulasi maadam

though there are varous patterns in drawing tulasi maadams this one is the simplest and requires the least space and dots. the dot pattern is 11(5lines)till 5 .

rangoli made on tulsi vivah day

I hope u'll like this rangoli, as i had no time and i had to make it in the late evening.
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