Varamaha Lakshmi Rangoli

Happy varamaha lakshmi!

Gudi Padwa & Ugadi Special Wishes

May Every Day Of this New Year bring New Hopes & Beginnings and May Your Lives Always be filled with Happiness & Prosperity..... Wishing You & Yours a Very Happy Gudi Padwa & Happy Ugadi..... Smile

Tamil new year spl kolam-1

Hello friends...Happy Tamil new year....hope you like this dotted maakolam done by me on this auspicious day...eagerly waiting for your views Smile

Happy Ugadi!

hi friends....this is a dotted kolam for ugadi...HAPPY UGADI to all!! ...hope you all like this Smile


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Marriage hall with kalash

Drawn during the occasion of marrriage with kalash decorated with coconut and betal leaves

Small Diwali Rangoli at night 2011

Small rangoli made by me with 2 concentric circles. It has Kalash at the centre and "Hridaya Kamalam" pattern between the circles. Decorated it with wax candles purchased from office sale. Made by tribal children.

Golu 2011 - Ambal

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Hi friends,

Here is the ambal i made from kalsam..I did everything of course with the help of internet.



Ambal Jewels - For kalasam decoration - Golu 2011

Hi Friends,

I made these jewels to decorate my kalasam as ambal for this golu. I ll upload the photo of ambal once all done.

Thanks Arthy

padikolam with kalash

I am uploading this kolam for varamahalakshmi pooja. ur views and comments please. HAPPY VARAMAHALAKSHMI TO ALL MEMBERS.

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