Golu @ my home.. Pournima

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Navratri 2014-day 1

Hello friends....wishing you a very happy is my day 1kolam in yellow ....a freehand rangoli....ur views pl Smile

navarathiri golu

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kolu 2013

i have attached photos of golu
collections of ganesha
divine lightings
three deities and kolams of seven days

desingn kanya kolam

sarswathi pooja kolam.

hand made dolls and ambigai

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This year golu dolls made by me. See the pictures and waiting for your comments.

Navarathri Rangoli

Durga Maa Rangoli done using rangoli powder

Navarathri - Pattada Gombe/ Marapachi - Lakshmi Narayana

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Had been to a friend's house to see Golu. This unique Pattada Gombe/ Marapachi of Lakshmi Narayana attracted me more. They found this one in their attic while cleaning, could have been very old one, even their parents had forgotten whether they bought it. Also not much decoration so that we can view the original beauty. Do we get any like this in market?

navratri kolu 2013

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Posting a few photos of our navrathri kolu 2013. This year Ramayana was opted as the theme. So a few episodes from the Ramayana were depicted. The Rama Pattabhishekam, Bharata carrying Ram paduka to Ayodhya, Valmiki ashram with Seetha Devi, Luv and Kush capturing the Ashwamedha horse after tying up Hanuman, and Rama's visit to Sabari Ashram are shown.

Last kolam of navaratri has been kind to me.No rain yesterday!!Comments please......

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