Pongal pot

hi this is beginner rangoli

pongal rangoli

This is a pongal competition rangoli in Western Australia Tamil Associan at 18.01.2104.(Pillaiyar) used bread crums,Background colour used coffee powder and riceflour, kolam powder. It will take 45mints. won the IInd prize. share with my ikolam friends.Thank U

Freehand Pongal kolam

Drew this in front of my apt on Pongal. Am uploading now

Pongal Decor at Work

Sharing the Office decorations for Pongal done by our Office Maintenance team in the cafeteria.

Sankranthi Rangoli

The cow is drawn in front of the house with 2 sugar canes on either side

Pongal kolam

Sharing with you all my pongal rangoli... Smile

Pongal Rangoli

Pongal Rangoli

Another Pongal Kolam at the entrance of our house

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Did with Chalk

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