Dotted kolam


Hai to all...HAPPY UGADI TO ALL OF U......happy to share this 21x11 dotted kolam(intermediate dots) done for d spl day....ur views pl.....

15-1 kolam

hai this is a 15-1 chikku kolam on the kitchen top. hai pushpa u r great. after seeing ur kolam i was tempted n put this. it was very difficult to put kolam n took a photo also:)

table top

hai frnz, its my 1st table top submission, ur comments pls

15*1 KOLAM(sikku kolam-83)

Hello friends,This is my 15-1 dotted kolam.Hope you like it...

15x1 Kolam -3

My imaginary kolam for 15x1 collection. This kolam saw all possible ways of disturbance Smile
I mixed water color tablets with rice flour for the dark green and light shade of yellow..
Your views and suggestions Please.

Ms.Malar's Design

Wanted to try a round chikku kolam since quite some time.... But never attempted to - especially as round ones are more difficult for me!! Malar's recent radial design (similar to a round one) seemed simple and I was tempted to try...


HAI viewers,
The Joker dotted kolam drawn by me... for 1st April 2011.
dots : 7-7

A rangOli with 1 to 15 dots or 8x8 dots

Here is a pattern with 1 to 15 to 1 dots. If you rotate it, it is basically an 8x8 dot pattern. It has four 3x5 sOnA patterns and two lines. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

15x1 dotted kolam

This is my third 15x1 dotted kolam submission. How is it?

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