Dotted kolam

15-1 dots kolam

This is my one more submission of fifteen dots kolam.

Sikku Kolam - 87

Hello Friends, This kolam was done by me. Hope you like it...Dots - 17-1


Hai to all...this is specially made for our 73 yr old kolam enthusiast Bharathy K.Raman who is fond of sikku kolams...deepa mam and indubala show this to amma and let me know what she told u...friends ...ur views pl...

15 - 1 dots kolam

Hi Friends,
I made this sikku kolam for 15 - 1 dots kolam collection. Your views and suggestions please. My strokes are not so neat. Still thought of sharing it with you.


This is another chikku kolam for the 15-1 collection done using red color...Your views please.

15 x 1 Kolam

This is another contribution of mine to the 15 x 1 kolam. This is a kitchen top chikku kolam... hope you like it

Josephine Knot

Today I am enclosing a picture of six Josephine knots joined together. It has three strings (two mustard and one red). For the purpose of clarity, I have also enclosed a single Josephine knot with two strings. This knot, originally from the East, was named after Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon. It is also called Carrick Bend or Chinese coin knot.


Second creation for the 15-1 dots collection. Please give your feedback

My small kitchen top kolam

My small kitchen top kolam. wanted to share with you. dots 9 x 4 interlaced

Dotted Kolam

A kolam drawn with 13 - 7 (middle dots). Yours comments pls.

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