Beginner level rangolis

This is a simple Ma kolam.
Dear friends...another small kolam in my pooja room ..a beginner rangoli...for your views
Dear friends...a small beginner black and white kolam for your views.
This is a Freehand kolam.
Hai frnz,,, a weekend creation in my puja room, ,,, ur comments pls
Hi all, A coloured circular rangoli for your views. Your comments pls.
Hai frnz,,,, a fresh mallipoo kolam for our lovable suba mam on her birthday, ,,, ur comments pls:)
Made by Rajam, in one minute.
Free Hand Margazhi Kolam - 01 by Amudha Giri
A small free hand design for your views.
hai frnz,, ive done a sikku kolam after a long gap,, ur comments pls ...
Hai frnz,,, a simple freehand pattern on my puja room,,, ur comments pls
Beginner kolams, by Bharathi.
Dear friends...After a long time I have started to put kolams in my lobby again...A very well known...