Beginner level rangolis

A small free hand rangoli design in my pooja room.
Hai fnz,,, wish u a happy raksha bandhan
Dear all, This is my first post here. Very happy to share my rice paste padi kolam. Waiting for...
Hi friends, here is a sunflower rangoli with small white flowers around. I have tried these small...
one simple n small rangoli
Hi friends after a long time posting a simple maakolam hope you all like it
Hai frnz, ,, a simple sikku kolam for ur views, ,,
Hai frnz, , its my aadi kiruthigai kolam, ,, ur comments pls
Hai frnz, , its my aadi friday kolam, , ur comments pls
Today's kolam, rain washed away before finishing with kavi
Kolam drawn during last week in front of my house