Dear friends Here I am presenting you the Mundhanai design from Lata's gallery. Just as a pallu of a saree in peacock blue and red with yellow threads...Hope I have given some justification to her design. Your views please on this.
As Maha requested a fully bloomed rose, here I am sending it for her and u all to enjoy. This is a dotted version. Dot count 7 to 4 intermediate and 1 dot on all the sides. Hope you like it.
Sikku kolam with dot count 9-1 designed to look like a padi kolam. Your views Please....
Here is a sona square in a sona square. The inner square is made up of 5x2 sona patterns and the outer square is made up of 11x3 sona patterns. These two are connected in such a way that maximum symmetry results. The voids are appropriately decorated. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana
Hai to all...today 18th sep is d start of d auspicious month of purattaasi(mid sep-mid oct) which is considered very auspicious for d Lord Venkateshwara....hope u like this padi kolam from rajamma mam's gallery tried by me...waiting for ur views....
This kuzhal design kolam was decorated with filling of flowers and photo shop roses.
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