Hai to all as I said before This is the kolam made in front of god after the completion of pooja In this I have placed decorated card board pieces which I did for dangler before in this link http://www.ikolam.com/node/22219?p=17739 around mini tulsi maadam and placed a lamp around the card board pieces .Ive used finger technique along with mirrors which gave more glittering look in glowing light more beautiful than viewing in photo and last one is centered by terrocota piece and decorated with mirrors and colour powders . hope you all enjoy this ..
Rangoli drawn on entrance for the occassion of Vinayagar Chadhurthi. Pls let me know ur comments
We are keeping ganesh moorthi in our home for 5 days. here i like to share the pics of ganapati decorated in mandap
Hi. Got to do this kolam for Ganesh Chaturthi. Its a copy of the kolam done by Brindha Mam earlier. Have done some minor changes and have given a kavi touch. Your views plz. By the way.. sorry Brindha mam to have copied your kolam without permission...
Many people have uploaded vinAyaka. But I made a chikku rangOli for vinAyaka's favourite, his mUshika. It has four of these and has two lines. I haven't given separate colours as it is too big. I started it yesterday, but could finish it only today. There is also a mouse overlay on one for guidance. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana
Maa kolam done inside the compound for Krishna jayanthi. It was raining on that day. After i did this, it again became cloudy. So, before rain could splash, i took this picture before it dried properly
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