Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an Indian folk art drawn on the floor with rangoli powders or paste. Rangoli is regionally known as Kolam, in Tamilnadu, Muggulu in Andhrapradesh, and Rangavalli in Karnataka. There are hundreds of rangoli designs in iKolam.com, created by members from all over the world.

Kolam at my residence on the occasion of kartikai with coloured rangoli powders.
This is the poto of the earlier kolam, sending as per member' request. Raath kee Raani at night: http://www.ikolam.com/node/8853
This is a free hand kolam drawn in front of my house.your views and suggestions please...
Here are some moodles with a strange looking svAstika. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana
This maa kolam contains dots 6 to 6 with 2 dots on each side in the center
Second day i had put rangoli design and kept diyas
The Dot count for this one is 9-5(middle dots). It is very simple and easy. I invented this one, too.
This napkin ring enhances the table setting .we need a bangle and satin ribbons to make this.
I am a new member. please upload my kolam. Your suggestions most welcome
This is a dotted star kolam. I had borrowed the basic pattern from one of my family member. I banned my sisters from eating Jello, a few years back. But we have fun making designs with Jello-texture. Bright Jello-colors are my favorite ones to use, for rangolis. Dot count: 9 to 1
dot count for this kolam 9-1 straight line dots . simple kolam
Made during my thalai pongal outside our house in the corridor.
a new range of kolams on the slopes of our home,coz my mud floor is not yet been paved properly.the little rain drops washed away my kolam after taking this photo.
this was my first rangoli. little help in coloring from my son (10 months) can also be seen. It was done for karthigai deepam 2 yrs back
it was a very nice friday when i made this kolam
Hi my karthigai wet maa kolam. This was also washed by rain and lille bit. Put on 1- December 2009
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