Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an Indian folk art drawn on the floor with rangoli powders or paste. Rangoli is regionally known as Kolam, in Tamilnadu, Muggulu in Andhrapradesh, and Rangavalli in Karnataka. There are hundreds of rangoli designs in iKolam.com, created by members from all over the world.

This is lord venkateshwara in rangoli. I did this during last year's navarathri. Is this nice???
This is my favorite kolam. To make it look more attractive, use only contrast colours.
We celebrated International Women's Day in our Bank (Reserve Bank of India, Hyderabad) and this Rangoli was drawn by one Office Attendant (Ms. B. Padmamma).
A bunting with mango leaves, the sacred image of the Lord's feet, earthen lamps, a mango leaf rangOli with mango fruits as an offering to the Lord. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana
Our Kolam which won third prize. Me, Mathi, Siva & Loges put this kolam in our school Kolam Competition.
This simple design on 6 dots 6 lines (straight dots) expanded on all four corners to create this bigger design.
One more free hand rangoli drawn in front of my house.
This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of Thulasi Brindhavan.
dots: 5 - 5 i have made four different kolams from the same base - different colours are given to indicate the connecting lines - easy for freshers to learn.
I had created one Kasu Mandabam for Lakshmi. This is done by 25 paise coins. Originally it was done as kasu ther(Ratham). But due to limited space the man who did frame work had taken out two rows of coins from the chakkaram and made as Mandabam. So, the Radam became Mandabam. I am sending this for arts and crafts section. viji
This is a dotted rangoli dots for this rangoli is 7x4, drawn on a paper.
This is a doted rangoli, dots for this rangoli is 7x4.
The wall hanging in the middle was made by Shriram for his art project. It is made of coloured ice cream sticks joined together and the cardboard roll inside the aluminum foil roll is used to make the stand for the flowers.
This is a free hand rangoli drawn in front of my Thulasi Brindhavan.
This is a doted swastik rangoli , dots for this 6 x 6 , all sides 2 dots plus free hand also.
I have been trying to make such a kolam for a very long time. The dot count is 11 to 6 inbetween and 5 to 1 on all the six sides. My mother-in-law encouraged me in executing this.
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