Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an Indian folk art drawn on the floor with rangoli powders or paste. Rangoli is regionally known as Kolam, in Tamilnadu, Muggulu in Andhrapradesh, and Rangavalli in Karnataka. There are hundreds of rangoli designs in iKolam.com, created by members from all over the world.

Lakshminivas kolam taught by Rajamji, connecting 1,3,5,2,4,1. My next kolam will be with kolapodi.
This was put on pongal day 2. This is 13-1 straight. Middle design can be made as per wish.
This Design with Grapes I created in Photoshop.your coments please.
Yet another traditional kolam. Hope you all like it. This was made on pongal day.
I had this snap. Looking by the center design, I think it was done by Rajamma. Adjusted the colour and contrast in the computer as it was a bit old snap. It looks very beautiful and colourful. Kaivannam yaaroda?
Here are some lovely border kolams which I am sure will highlight your already beautiful kolam on special occasions. Hope you like them...
This is the chitragupta pooja kolam, asking Chitra gupta to highlight our punya first and write our paava last, when God asks him to show our life total to decide our next birth [as said by my mother].
Small kolam for daily use. 7-1 dots straight. Can be expanded to 15-1 straight also.
Kalyaana breakfast ready. Lunch may be on its way. Till then, the bride and groom have to sit no? I have made a pattu paai with their names on it, for them to sit.
Simple free hand rangoli with wet rice Maavu, suitable for small area like infront of flats.
This kolam is a traditional kolam with some modern changes.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY ..... This is created in photoshop to wish my mom for mother's day.. hi AMMA happy mothers day from pavan..
a special maa kolam for Narasimha Jeyanthy at the manaivasal.took photo at night,because in the morning before i wake up our home guest squirrels would finish their breakfast.
We created a kolam based on the sankeerthana of sri annamaachaarya "brahma kadigina paadamu"as his jayanthi is being celebrated on 9'th may.2009. Brahma kadiginaa paadamu Brahmamu taane ni paadamu Chelagi vasudha golichina nee paadamu Bali thala mopina paadamu Talakaga gaganamu thannina paadamu Bala ripu gaachina paadamu kaamini paapamu kadigina paadamu paamu thalanidina paadamu premapu sri sathi pisikedi paadamu paamidi thuragapu paadamu Parama yogulaku pari pari vidhamula Paramosagedi nee paadamu Tiru Venkatagiri tiramani choopina Parama padamu nee paadamu meaning of this sankeerthan is as follows------- in the above sankeerthana ,sri annamaachaarya describes in detail most gloriously and vividly,the protective and mukthi pradaana blessings of the holy feet of lord vishnu.the various incidents taken place during the different avathaaraas like varaaha,vaamana,raama,krishna and kalki are praised.to annamayya allthese avathaaraas are those of sri venkateswara swami only. created by Bharathi & myself. Lakshmi
I MADE THIS CARD IN TRIBUTE TO MY MUM WHO WILL BE TURNING 75 NEXT JAN. A PATIENT, LOVING, SOFT AND KIND HEARTED WOMAN - I AM PROUD TO SAY SHE IS MY MOTHER!! LOVE YOU MUM AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID, ARE DOING AND WILL DO FOR ME..... THIS POEM IS DEDICATED TO ALL MOTHERS (SOURCE INTERNET - AUTHOR UNKNOWN) When you feel you are alone in a crowd..... When you feel no one can understand you.... When your love is rejected by others.... When you hate your life.... Just close your eyes & see her face The one who loves you more than anyone else..... The only one who cares for you in loneliness & dies for you when you cry....... She is no one but your sweet loving MOTHER..... Love her more than anyone else in this world.... Because only she was, is and will be there for you all the time.... She is the only one who will make all your worries, sadness and sorrows disappear... Her love for her children will never fade no matter whatever difficulty she goes through.. Cherish each and every minute of your MOTHER.. As there is nothing that can replace her love.....
8th of may this year has many special attributes. Narasimha jeyanthy, Chitra poornima, sampadh gowri viradham, chitragupta pooja, deivendra pooja all fall in this day. So a special kolam today!
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