one more set of kutti kolams for learners and beginners.
Dear friends I know this is very very silly but frankly speaking I am very much attracted by the oov kolam of our dear sowmya .yesterday I was about to soak the tuvar dal instantly I got one jatka I pulled one old table of mine which can’t stand straight in his leg always dancing …..on that dancing I tried this .(very difficult to control the legumes on the dancing table they started running here and there .Sowmya sorry for not taking your approval .please give me a feed back
Hi Friends, My 2 cents for the inspiration rangoli. I chose the second design. I am little weak in drawing 'V' shapes. Have tried my level best to retain symmetry. . Actually, I decided to quit as i had guests at home 2 full days and it was almost sunday evening. My husband only motivated me to do this on sunday night. Waiting for your comments.............
Dear friends ...This is my submission based on the second design. I did this on a wooden plank. Presenting this very basic design for your views.
Dear friends..This is my submission for our theme Basic designs...Just kept simple without much extensions. Hope you all like this one.
Here is the pencil drawing of the extended version of the first design. Due to shortage of time I thought I'll put only my paper drawings. No colouring done since Rani already cautioned us of her " colour Damaakka" and I wanred to pay more attention to the developement of the design.( stock of colour podi also not there) After an hectic travel, body also not cooperating to sit down and do actual rangoli. So for partcipation sake I am uploading this.May be I'll do the 2nd design properly on a later date.
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