Dear friends, I drew this rangoli today with small chikku kolams. Hope u all like it.
Hai to all...hope you like this freehand kolam done on the 11th day of this season...your views on this please
Hi friends, this free hand kolam was drawn in front of my house your views please...
I drew this kolam 2 days ago at my flat door step.
I did on one margali friday plz comment on it
Wishing all our Ikolam friends and their family a very happy and prosperous New Year-2013.I drew this small rangoli today morning for New Year.
I wish all ikolam members a very happy,prosperous and healthy New Year 2013.
Hi all, Wish you and your family a very happy and flourishing new year 2013..............hope u all like it.
Hi. Wish you all a very Happy New Year. Enclosing a snap of the kolam done on New year eve. Your views plz. The small stencil kolms in the picture are done by my daughter.
happy new year to all ikolam members
New year special wishing u all happy new year
Dear friends ....Here is a chikku kolam for the margazhi month. Your views on this please.
Simple free hand kolam. These are my margazhi kolams drawn in front of our flat. Hope u all like it.
My first free hand rangoli...: ..ur views plz...
This was 2013's first sikku kolam dedicated to all my friends.
HI, I wish you a very very happy, healthy and Cheerful year ahead to all our ikolam friends. I have learnt alot about kolams from this platform. Hence I thank everyone for directly or indirectly helping me to improve myself through your valuable comments. Thank you Lata for creating an opportunity for me to expose my talent. Thanks to one and all.
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