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Kolkata - India

My sister-in-law who had come on a visit chipped in colouring this dotted (11X6) kolam.


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Superb kolams n rangolis

Superb kolams n rangolis

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Very sweet of you to have

Very sweet of you to have mentioned the dots for this lovely kolam.

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Thank you all.

Thank you all.

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very nice

very nice

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Super margazhi kolam!

Super margazhi kolam!

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Nice to see colorful Flowers

Nice to see colorful Flowers blooming out of yuor hands.
just want share something. The background floor of your kolam.. reminds me of my front yard where I use to put big kolams on all 365 days.( people passing in the road used to admire and take photos in their cell phones.Not only ladies, but 75 year old Thatha to young school going children used to enjoy and comment on it... which gave me so much encouragement and energy to creat more and more) but recently i have to shift to a flat where there is no front yard to put kolams. Anyhow ikolam site is keeping me busy.what I want to say is it gives happiness in sharing good things with others.

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Simple and supper By

Simple and supper

By Shanthireshmaa

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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air Brindha! In order to showcase the close up of the entire image, I'd to cut off part of the figure-image on the right side...sorry, let me know if you want the way you had posted it. Be sure to thank your sis-in-law for me!

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very lovely indeed

very lovely indeed