Kolam designs with dots

Kolam designs typically use dots as the foundation. Start with the dots and then followed by the lines. Once done, optionally, the enclosed areas of the kolam may be filled with color rangoli powder.

Chiku kolam - by aarchi - on 2012-07-26 20:49

Friends small chikku kolam.Your views please

Chiku kolam - by aarchi - on 2012-07-26 20:45

Friends your views please

Designer chikku kolam - by rajamma_2 - on 2012-07-25 08:14

This is a simple wet maavu chikku kolam with 9-5 inbetween dots and 2 dots on all the six sides.Since the weather is windy I could not put kolam outside.Being Aadi month I wanted to put maakkolam, so tried this .As usual started beautifying it with colour decorations, but the final product looked like a designer kolam and not a dotted-chikku kolam. Hope you will enjoy this.
(Since ikolam has become active with so many Aadi releases, I donot want to bore you all with my puzzles now... Let us wait/give rest to the brains for some days. Tongue )

Sikku kolam - by Padma Prakash - on 2012-07-24 10:55

Sikku kolam with extra fittings. As the white powder is not visible on this floor, drawn with colour powder and used white here and there.

Dotted kolam - by Padma Prakash - on 2012-07-24 10:52

Simple wet mavu kolam, done on my kitchen floor. Your views please.....

sikku kolam - by Padma Prakash - on 2012-07-24 10:49

Well known sikku kolam done on black board. Hope you all like this.

sikku kolam - by Padma Prakash - on 2012-07-24 10:47

Sikku kolam done on black board. Your views please...

remake kolam - by subashini - on 2012-07-24 08:36

The basic design was taken from Rani's kolam.I loved this design so I remade and tried in my way.Hope rani will accept.

aadi sevvai2 - by Suguna Murugesan - on 2012-07-23 18:47

hi...this is my aadi sevvai simple sikku kolam....hope you all like this Cool

Puzzle Kolam -Floor Version - by vijaysowmya - on 2012-07-22 20:14

Dear friends ...here is my floor version of Jaya mam's puzzle kolam. Your views on this please. Smile