Kolam designs with dots

Kolam designs typically use dots as the foundation. Start with the dots and then followed by the lines. Once done, optionally, the enclosed areas of the kolam may be filled with color rangoli powder.

Dotted Maakolam - by dibbutn - on 2012-06-16 01:47

This is a dotted maakolam with dot count 5 x 5 with 3 x 2 dots on all 4 sides. Hope you all like it

Butterflies Rangoli - by dibbutn - on 2012-06-13 00:07

This is a butterfly kolam with dot count 15-1 straight dots. Hope you all like it. Smile Smile

chikku kolam - by Suguna Murugesan - on 2012-06-12 19:20

hai....this is a chikku kolam 11-1 straight dots. hope u all like this Cool

Sandhya Raagam - by rajamma_2 - on 2012-06-10 06:52

dotted rangoli..13-1 inbetween dots.
On a rainy windy evening I just casually drew this small kolam with wet maavu and colourd it with recycled colour podi.

Dotted Kolam Floor version of the Puzzle - by vijaysowmya - on 2012-06-09 07:49

Dear friends...Here is the floor version of the puzzle kolam. Hope you all like it. Your views on this please. Smile

Rajamma mam's puzzle - by ammuchandhini - on 2012-06-08 05:41

Hai to all...hope you like my floor version of rajamma mam's 2nd puzzle....eagerly waiting for your views Smile

Rajamma Maami's Kolam - by dibbutn - on 2012-06-08 00:06

This is my version of Rajamma maami's kolam. Dot count is 15-8 interlaced with 5 dots on all sides. Thank you Sowmy for making my job easier. Rajamma maami hope you like it. Shy :shy: Shy :shy: Smile

Dotted rangoli - by vidhyaprasu - on 2012-06-07 06:36

Hai friends, since it was cloudy the picture is not bright, this is one of my dotted rangoli which i had in my rangoli collection note book. Like sowmi i have used the recycled powder, your valuable comments plz...

Puzzle answer - version 2 - by anirudh - on 2012-06-05 11:22

Though not a correct puzzle answer, used the 8 + 1 units to form this design. I am saying +1 because the center-unit varies in the dots (5X5) with other units(4X4). Center small square is free hand enlcosing the center dot.

Dot grid 13 X 13 or 13 dots - 7 lines and reduce in steps till 7.
Thanks Rajammaji, waiting for the next puzzle Smile

My Puzzel version - 1 - by anirudh - on 2012-06-05 11:03

Here comes two of my versions of Rajammaji's puzzle after mergeing the units joined at the corner points. Done just with basic MSPaint. Slightly gave a curve to make the pinwheel different. Hope to try sometime in real with kolapudi.

The dot grid 16 X 16 - remove extra dots or
16 - 4 lines and then decrease in steps to reach 4 on each side.