Karthigai Deepam kolam

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This is a dotted Karthigai deepam rangoli, and the strokes are animated to show the drawing procedure.
Please click on the blue button seen at the bottom of the image.


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very good colour

very good colour combination.
Its look like diya is floting in air.
I will definitly try on occasion of diwali

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Nice to know you like it.

Nice to know you like it. Please do share your version when you get a chance. Smile

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Very pretty design with

Very pretty design with lovely green. Smile

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wow!!wonderful creation...very nice

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Wow Lata how I wish I had

Wow Lata how I wish I had enough space to try out this beauty dear. Anyways, loved it... Thank you Laughing out loud

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wow!!! very pretty. Shall I

very pretty.
Shall I have a try?

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very nice deepam kolam

very nice deepam kolam lata.thanks for the animation.let me try in my house

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wow..very nice Lata

wow..very nice Lata

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Wow...wonderful animated

Wow...wonderful animated deepam kolam lata....apt for even diwali I think..Smile

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Lata am unable to see d kolam

Lata am unable to see d kolam dear...tried to refresh so many times...