Rangolis of Andhra Pradesh

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San Jose - usa

When someone is running a search on "Rangolis of Andhra Pradesh", what kind of rangolis do you think they are looking for?


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Hmm...yes in south we are

Hmm...yes in south we are interrelated but felt there could be somethings unique... and checked with my mother and others got to know few things like in Karnataka line (eLe) & padi rangolis (hase) are more dominant and chikku/sikku are more in Tamil Nadu. May be thats why I had not see my grandma drawing any sikkus. Next time when i visit villages, need to take more pictures like lata & share. And in Andra Pradesh rangolis are more of circular dotted flower rangolis which I have seen, still waiting for my authentic andra friends to reply on this Smile.

mOhanaji, thanks for sharing the link, very nice complicated designs, need to try them.

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But The rangoli's we see in

But The rangoli's we see in "Tirupathi" are quite different. One common style is, most of the kolams are circular and very fond of colours and usually they paint. Powder usage may be less in Andhra. And they generally go for huge circular rangoli's. So whenever I remember rangoli's of Andhra, those big circular rangoli's drawn on the road with painted colours comes to my mind.

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Really I was very much

Really I was very much impressed by this. the coloured lines have created a wonder. Nice style of kolams. thank you jkm sir for the link.

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Wow. What a beautiful

Wow. What a beautiful marvellous creation.I have no more to say about this various gregarious designs.

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Wow fentastic

fentastic creations.
What a perfect lines.
Really very very nice.

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The rangOlis of the

The rangOlis of the telugus, the kannaDigas and the tamilians are all inter-related. The malayALIs have their own. They all have similar characteristics like dotless designs, dotted designs, intertwined designs (chikku kOlams or melika muggulu). The only difference may be in the themes. In the Andhra area sankrAnti and (y)ugAdi muggulu are more popular. Of course, dIpAvaLi is pan-Indian. While searching, I found this site to be interesting to have some nice designs created by a single individual - http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~madhavi/amma/

Regards! - mOhana