golu doll purchase

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madurai - india

hai frnz, we have 2 months more for navaratri. though i have a good collection of dolls this yr i have planned to purchase from chennai, tanjore etc,, usually i buy in madurai khadi, meenakshi temple, vilacheri( a village near madurai were dolls r made). ur views r most welcome so that i could plan a trip for d quarterly hols...i would like u also to share abt d various themes u enjoyed in any golu,,


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hai frnz, this picture was

hai frnz, this picture was taken 2 yrs back,and it is a small portion of our golu,
juli dear its an cement thepakulam made in our cement works. papu and me painted it white. 1st year we put some gold fishes in it, and poor things,,,all were dead due to d paint smell, he he he see how stupid i was???
maha thank u da for ur information
s anirudh ive also heard about chennapatna but didnt get a chance to go there, this year i was lucky to get some kondapalli wooden dolls from an exhibition in ramnad
thank u rekha mam, vasanthi,(cement tank pa) and rani( s dear even iam expecting eagerly to meet u )

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Lovely golu arrangement

Lovely golu arrangement uma...if u have a plan to visit tanjore then near to d railway station...from poombuhaar u can get dolls at reasonable rates...hmmm but pl plan a trip to chennai...so that along with ur purchase from mylapore tank(lots of dolls r available) we can also try to meet dear.....

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suuuuuperb arrangment dear

suuuuuperb arrangment dear .looks so divine

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sorry dear..instead of

sorry dear..instead of uma...I erroneously typed maha...

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beautiful arrangement

beautiful arrangement uma...lovely workpa..that chitirai kulam is super dear..I too wanted to asked you pa...how you fill water??? maha i have seen lot of dolls available at the time of navarathri around mylapore tank dear..if you come once you can have an idea..pa...

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Hi Julien, No dear, I'm

Hi Julien, No dear, I'm planning for Golu purchase. Moreover in my In-laws place Golu is not customary. I just gave some ideas for Uma for purchase of dolls in Chennai.
What u said is correct, childhood stage is best. But I'm not able to do full justice to my son as I'm working. My maid and my MIIL takes care of him when I'm not in home.


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Uma madam, if you are

uma madam, if you are planning to visit mysore, then ramsingh prathishtana has pretty good collection of theme based woodden toys. well on the way to mysore, you can stop at chennapattana to buy more.

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r u prepared for your

r u prepared for your son.... i am right..... nopaaaa.... small child.... u teach only play.... after 2 years the he will go to school., then there is no time.... here same problem my child athirai studying 1st std.. matriculation school,,,, no time to enjoy.... only sundays leave.... then g.o.holidays... child stage is the best...... sometime a think ;;;

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Aha.... Maha u r ready to

Aha.... Maha u r ready to shopping in india..... hahahaa..... when will u collect the dolls from Uma Mam....

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Uma, if u r planning to

Uma, if u r planning to visit Chennai for Golu Purchase, then try something in Khadi emporium (Parry's Corner - Opp to high court) and Poompuhar in Mount Road. They have some good collections and have some theme based dolls like Meenakshi Thiru Kalyanam, Story telling like - Crow steeling vada from paati, pittu ku man sumandhu etc etc. Moreover the quality will be good too.


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Uma Mam wonderful creation

Uma Mam wonderful creation of Navarathiri Kolu.... pillaiyar in ungal suberb., then all dolls are very cute... nice arrangement... mam.... i think the lingam in thermocol sheet... how will u fill in water.... kulam.,