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Entha Poo yenoda anni veedil poothirunthathu..Azagaga erunthathal nan "click"seithiden...
Yepadi erukuthu?
( I took a picture of this flower, from my sister-in-law's garden. How is it?)


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Nice picture Mahalakshmi

Nice picture


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This flower is also Called

This flower is also Called "Nithya Kalyani"

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I was actually reminded of

I was actually reminded of this flower when I saw JKM's bluebell entry but could not get the name so I did not mention it there...


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Thanks Jaya ma'am, and

Thanks Jaya ma'am, and Lata.

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Beautiful Periwinkle flower

Beautiful Periwinkle flower Indra. (Botanical name; Vinca rosea).
Yes Jayaji, I've also read that this is a medicinal flower, with anticancer properties, and is a powerful tranquilizer.

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During my childhood I've

During my childhood I've heard people calling this 'sudukattu poo' ie., graveyard flower and people do not use this flower for pooja or other purposes. Now I learnt that it has a lot of medicinal value.