Design kolam with dots

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perumbavoor - india

I am uploading the paper drawing of my latest designer kolam. In the side I am giving a portion of it elaborated. The lines are connected in some places with imaginary dots, marked here in red color and circled. By deviating from the normal procedure of connecting the dots, if you use little imagination and draw in between dots also, you can get wondeful novel designs. Please take this clue and creat more.


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Lovely one. Great imaginary

Lovely one. Great imaginary work.


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What an imagination

What an imagination ....really great.

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hamare rajjamma sabhi

hamare rajjamma sabhi chijonmei expert hai .Salute rajjamma we r proud of u .

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Aahaa...rajamma mam...without knowing about these imaginery dots i was wondering how to get those diff star shapes...tussi great koi na hai(nobody is greater than u)...lovely imagination....thanks for sharing d basic design...

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wow very nice thanq for

wow very nice thanq for sharing!-suguna murugesan