An old book on Kolam

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Here is a 1901 book on kOlam in Tamil. This was sent by Mr.JK Mohana Rao.



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no link for the kolam book

Pls reupload the link for kolam book. Thanks in advance.

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I cant see the attachement .

I cant see the attachement . Request you to upload it once again. Would like to see the treasure chest of kolangal

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Can't see this book...I

Can't see this book...I request lataji to look into this one please..

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Hi Latha mam, unable to see

Hi Latha mam, unable to see the file..can u plz help m out..

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request you to upload the

request you to upload the file as i am not able to see it.

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i cant see the kolam book.

i cant see the kolam book. Pls send me the link to

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very nice collection

very nice collection

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hi i am bhagya my prt name

hi i am bhagya my prt name is sony can any one guide me how i can see the kolam designs frm this book as i am very crazy of kolam and very much eager 2 see

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JKM Sir, Very precious

JKM Sir, Very precious treasure for the kolam lovers. All the ikolam members are really happy on seeing such a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing...

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A great work u have done,i

A great work u have done,i also have one very old kola book.But i think it was above 50 yrs old.How could i put in i kolam,pl send reply to my mail id pl.

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A great treasure. Hats off

A great treasure. Hats off for preserving and sharing!

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Thanks aniruddhajI! Could

Thanks aniruddhajI! Could you send me a separate message with my id dot y etc, you know what Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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sure mOhanaji can get you

sure mOhanaji can get you the books on chandassu, i will be in Portland from July10th to16th and in SFO on july17/18th are you close by?......pass me the titles.

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mOhana sir, thank you for

mOhana sir, thank you for the link. It is very interesting!

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As many of you might be

As many of you might be knowing, I have a great interest in prosody, the art of writing classical poetry, in all Indian languages. In that connection, one of my friends sent me a book on Tamil prosody. I looked at the url ( ) for it and was looking for other books. In that connection, I found this kOlam book. There are quite a few other books there that might interest others. Of course, if any one of you find any good book in any language on chandas, chandassu, chandam or vritta, vRtta, viruttam, please remember me Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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A real treasure for kolam

A real treasure for kolam lovers , Mohanaji! I wonder when did they published the first edition! (the third edition itself is 110 years old) My MIL wonders how and where did you get this and preserved so nicely. From this we can see that chikku kolam is the traditional kolam of South India. Thank You so much for sharing this precious book:)

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Wow, wonderful collection. I

Wow, wonderful collection. I see lot of nagabandhas and all other old kolams here. Thanks for sharing this.

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That's super!!! Thanks for

That's super!!!
Thanks for sharing,

Love is the answer

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very nice collections of

very nice collections of kolam

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very nice book...lovely

very nice book...lovely collections of kolams.....after seeing this i logged out without giving any comments...but something struck me and when i saw d comments in this page.....vidhs idu roooooooombbbbba oooooverppppa....eppa paru enna vambukku izukkureenga....two much three much....hundred muchpaaa...

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wow....great treasure of

wow....great treasure of good old sikkus, nagabandhas... i liked Sun & Moon sikku too, thanks mOhanaji for sharing is wonderful collection.

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Excellent collection..

Excellent collection.. Arputha kola Manjari is really arputham.. But very difficicult to try.. As per my assumption our legends like Rajamma ji, Lakshmi ... can def try n succeed..And the most lovable collection of chikku kolam is available like Lala Shop Halwa.. Ppl who has int in chiku kolam can have a great time by trying the creations seen in the book.. But u know what.. Kolam No.77 of Pg no.32, already tried by me n available in my gallerryy.. yeee yappeeee!!! (ipdilam oru vilambaram thevaiya nu rani munumunukuradu en kadula vizhunduruchu.. hehe)

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mOhana Sir, Great treasure,

mOhana Sir, Great treasure, indeed! I loved the nagabandanas and the names given for each!