Are there any themes in kolams?

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Indeed! Just like any other art forms, kolams have many themes which keep changing according to the seasons and occasions. A flower with leaves and vines running around it would conform to the natural theme, while fluttering butterflies would belong to the insects theme. There are nautical kolams, and charriot kolams for the different religious festivals or holidays like Diwali, Pongal or Sankranti, Pookolam for Onam, and Bells and bows with Santa for Christmas. There are kolams for every day of the week. There are kolams drawn with figures of the different deities/gods and goddesses.


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i want ragoli designs for

i want ragoli designs for theme seasons

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Hi, Can the rangavalli done


Can the rangavalli done for yantra, particulary done for homa, navagraha kolams, ananthana gantu, chakra (i mean not regular or free hand one but a significant symbolic one) be seperated to a new tab or added on to symbols tab?
Just a suggestion. Since these are done on special occasions, it would be easier even the browser to get hold of them. If it is already seperated, please let me know where can I view them.

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Yes, the Navagraha kolams

Yes, the Navagraha kolams would be moved over to the Navagraha category. We haven't planned on creating separate categories for the others yet, mainly because there are only one or two in each kind so far. But, I'm sure going forward, we'll receive more entries on those categories as well, which would eventually lead to independent categories. Thank you for your suggestions.

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Lord Ganapathi symbolises

Lord Ganapathi symbolises swastik, kudumulu (food item prepared during Vinayaka Chaviti) and elephant. Any kolam depicting these is same as offering to Him.

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I want a simple kolam on Ganesha or ganapathi. Please help me out.